Women of Light

Women of Light focusses on Muslim women who are axiomatically perceived to be subordinated and hidden by their faith, and particularly their dress, when in reality it is their faith that drives them.

The Women of Light series obscures the character and features of the subjects through the use of one colour making reference to how Muslim women are prejudicially perceived as hidden or subordinated by their faith. And yet to counter this misnomer the use of intense, luminous colours emphasises that for these women their faith is empowering and a source of light. The subject serves to further challenge misguided perceptions of Muslim women, in this example being Onjali Rauf, who following the murder of her aunt Mumtahina Jannat, single handedly led the setup of the ground-breaking women’s rights charity Making Herstory.

Women of Light was longlisted for the BP Portrait Award 2016.